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My Queen





Choose between sneaking or fighting your way through a castle filled with guards to eliminate a fictional 16th century queen of England.


Clara Hultén - Project Manager, Programmer

Amanda Cederberg - Art Director, Designer, Sound Designer

Felix Englund - Lead Artist, Artist

Tanja Ellgård - Lead Designer, Designer

Magnus Lind - Lead Developer, Programmer

Emma Eliasson - Programmer

Morgan Nyman - Programmer

Rosalie Båskman - Desinger

Julia Engman - Designer

Emma Rehnman - Artist

Simon Öhlund - Artist

Lukas Markström - Musik Designer

My Queen is a game where the player chooses between sneaking or fighting their way through a castle filled with guards to find and eliminate their target, the opposing Queen. During the game you need to balance your anxiety and aggression.


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