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Felltree interactive


The forests of the earth are in shambles, mankind has neglected their impact on the planet's ecosystems. As a final act of resilience the soul of the forest awakens in the form of a guardian by the name Methuselah. This entity has to make a stand against the humans' creations.


Anton von Schéele Frejd - Lead Game Writer


Daniel Mattsson - Animator


Emil Forslund - Lead Programmer


Erik Ehrngren - Composer, Audio lead


Erik Hagberg - Programmer


Filip Johansson - 2D Artist, Graphical lead


Hugo Davidsson - Designer, Project lead


Hugo Färnegårdh - 3D Artist


Leonard Wahlund - Designer, Design lead


Mohamed Amin Mohamed Hashi - Programmer


Petter Olsson - SFX Artist






Use the might of the forest to bash and smash your way through herds of robots, Methuselah is considerably larger than the opposition. Use that to your advantage! When you´ve managed to scrap enough of the robots you will get rewarded in the form of experience points that will enable you to gain upgrades to more efficiently pummel through your enemies.


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