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Lilium Reach





Lilium Reach is an action platformer where you travel to a distant, forgotten region of space. Explore and collect customizable gear to aid you as you face oddities, mysteries, and danger that your life in the core systems never prepared you for.


Albin Boström - Game Design

Sofia Carlsson - Programming

Viktor Marin - Art

A region lost to time, speculation is that the Lilium Reach is now home only to vagrants and those who wish to hide from civilized worlds. Visit planets and moons; some home to vibrant wildernesses and strange entities. Others may hold derelict outposts, or even remnants of lost civilizations.


Try to find some reliable equipment to aid you in your travels. High tech items are rare out here, but you never know who or what might hold something of value. From what you manage to collect, choose your loadout of weapons, suit pieces, and various usable items. Weapons can be customized using a module system. Here, you may alter your weapons' stats by fitting mods of various shapes into a grid unique for each weapon.


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