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Going Home



Fellowship of Nine


The road is long. Your food supply is low and untold dangers lie ahead. Can You find the best strategy to help our heroes reach Mousetopia?



Carin Backlund

Sebastian Berglöv

Karl Johansson

Adrian Sitek

Marcus Quarfordt



Johnny Chang

Afshin Fahlström

Johan Hyberg



David Liljefors

Alkmini Stathi

Going Home is a top-down, turn-based tactical game, where you play as three heroic mice on their quest to find their safe haven - Mousetopia.


Meet our heroes:

Mickey, the brave swordsman and our main protagonist.

Stitchy, the strong shield-wielding hero, determined to defend his friends at all costs.

Tickie, the nimble scavenger who easily bypasses the enemies with his quick speed.


With the click of your mouse, guide our three heroes as they must fight through dangerous enemies, all while gathering berries to sustain them on their long and winy road to safety. Each character gets two actions to use during their turn. With your actions, you can move, attack or pick up items. Though beware, for the enemies have their own actions to utiliz during their turn and they will stop at nothing to cut you down. Choose your actions carefully; you'd be wise to think twice before you move.


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