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Gnome Gname





Create a mess for a family of trolls as you go about a regular day in a mischievous gnome's life, being as irritating as gnomely possible.


August Wahlberg
Carolina Buskas
Erik Billgren


Albin Canbäck
Ellen Johnson
Sara Fjellstedt
Sanna Friberg


Level Design
Gabriel Hector
Robin Jansson


Casper Mårtensson
Casper Stein
Fabian Haglund
Jens Berg
Johan Wikström
Martin Mossberg


Technical Art
Hugo Abrahamsson
Isac Stahl
Sebastian Nemeth


Music & Audio
Elvin Matz
Martin Mossberg

Gnome Gname is a slapstick-stealth-sandbox, where you are put in the shoes of an especially annoying gnome. Go on your daily mission to ruin the day for your troll neighbors as you steal their things, cook porridge in their bathtub and finally take the mystical golden hat as your prize. Whimsical and silly in nature, this game takes inspiration from Untitled Goose Game and transfers the concept to a homestead situated in the Swedish wilderness. The game runs in our own engine, Monostein, and was developed over 9 weeks as a graduation project at The Game Assembly, Malmö.


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