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ForceBerg students


Be the forceful gravity controlling can in the 2D puzzle platformer of your craziest dreams. Can you survive all levels?


Fredrik Wallander - Art, programmer and level designer

Michael van der Poll - Programmer and level designer

Linus Åkesson - Programmer and level designer

Jack Karlsson - Programmer and level designer

Thomas Ahlström - Programmer and level designer

Cristel Capetillo - Programmer and level designer

A game where you are a can that can experiment with the effects of gravity.


In the game world, there are only two colours: black and white. The art style is simple yet subtle, which sets the mood for a nice gravity experience.


Through your journey as a ForceBerg can, you will come across different objects that are affected by gravity in a specific way. Your task is to navigate across the levels, overcoming the obstacles, learn how the objects behave with or without gravity, and plan wisely your next move. You can manipulate gravity to your advantage, if you like.


Some objects can do more damage than others, some platforms might not be trusted. Beware of that. Certain objects can squish you, which is not always bad. Take a moment, look around you, and find the tools to make it to the next level.


You must survive and be the winner!


Are you ready to play a game that won 1st place in Black and White Jam №∞+1?


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