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Elevator Exit



Not Tea Games


Mel on their way home takes the elevator and ends up somewhere new. Explore the strange areas filled with puzzles. Solve them and discover Mel and their story as

they try to find the way out.


Wilma Johansson - Game Writing

Elin Molander - Game Writing, Creative Director

Milla Nilsson - 2D Art

Elin Hynninen - Animation, Art

Emmy Lövdahl - 3D Art

Gustaf Björck - Sound

Jacob Hultman - Music

Alfons Mitic - Music

Alva Rosenqvist - Design, Project lead

Amanda Lindqvist - Programming

Anton Andersson - Programming

Elevator Exit follows the main character Mel tired and on their way home for work. They arrive at their apartment complex and step into the elevator to go to their apartment, but soon they realise that their way home in the elevator is not as smooth as usual and the elevator has taken them to other places than expected.


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