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Knot 8 Studios


When is a person willing to inflict lasting pain on themselves for momentary happiness, to be able to keep going for a while longer?


Vincent Jernkrook - Project Manager, Music

Erik Bodén - Creative Director, 2D Graphics

Sebastian Hildingsson - Game Design

Anna Loberg - Lead Game Writer

Josefine Stiberg - Game Writing

Onel Georgis Enwya - Lead Artist, 2D Graphics, Visual Effects

Erik Johansson - 3D Graphics

Hanna Lundin - Animation, Visual Effects

Christoffer Tornell - Lead Programmer

Hugo Carlsson - Programming

Alexander Barboni - Sound Design

E008 is a first person survival horror game that explores pain and bliss; a game about what a person is willing to do to achieve happiness. Navigate the halls of the laboratory where you are being held, find out the truth about the experiments and find your missing sibling before you get out. The game focuses heavily on story as well as exploration and will have you fleeing from dangers both real and imagined, although just as baneful. Sneak around to avoid detection, find clues to help you progress and keep your wits about you as the environment changes with the ebb and flow of the abstinence that has already begun to set in. Use the substance to escape the nightmare, though such solutions come at a price...


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