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Dale the Dragon Detective





There has been a murder most foul at the Dungeon Mountain!


You play as Dale, a cute dragon detective, on his mission to figure out who killed Mr. Elwood. Journey through the forest, into the Sky Castle, through to the Underdark, to find everything there is to know.


Alexander S. Jansson - Animation and story

Carl Sjölander - Animation

Adam Nygren - 3D artist and Sound

Alexander Schwandner - Concept artist

Fredrik Hägg - 3D artist

Marcus Krol - 3D artist

Jonas Henriksson - Level designer

Mirelle Eriksson - Level designer

Sara Lövgren - Level designer

Edit Hansson - Programmer

Hugo Rogmark - Programmer

Jonas Krantz - Programmer

Jonathan Söderman - Programmer

Tobias Grönwall - Programmer

Daniel Bengtsson - Technical artist

Hector Sandberg - Technical artist

Aramis Silvereke - Music and sound

Dale the Dragon Detective: Murder at Dungeon Mountain is a story-driven adventure platformer, with collect-a-thon elements, set in a colorful Dungeons & Dragons-inspired world.


We are Raveyard, 16 game maker students from Malmö, Sweden. As part of our programme, we made three games together, this is our third and last game. With this game, we also had the privilege to work with a musician from Malmö Musikhögskola.


Dale the Dragon Detective was made over the course of 8 weeks full-time at The Game Assembly Malmö. The engine is custom-made, and the base was carried over from our last projects: saveTheWorld.exe and Spite: Into the Ratacombs.


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