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Team Sven


A dress-up game in Stockholm that brings out the fun clichés hidden around the city. Follow clients' narrative while you gain more followers on your social platform.


Hanna Hoffman - Lead Game Designer

Axel Arnborger - Game Designer


Alex Rynkowski - Lead Programmer

Thomas Ahlström - Lead Programmer

Fredrik Wallander - Programmer

Henrik Nyström - Programmer

David Engblom - Programmer

Eric Sjöberg - Programmer

Sophie Ahlberg - Programmer

Emil Huzell - Programmer

Joel Ring - Programmer

Michael van der Poll - Programmer

Dennis Åkesson - Programmer

Cristel Capetillo - Programmer

Adam Tapper - Programmer


Eileen Rüegg - Lead Artist

Mikael Artiola - Artist

Emma Lundén - Artist

Charlin Hansson - Artist

Merei Gustafsson - Artist


Linn Stigsson Stern - Sound Designer

Adam Viger - Sound Designer


Ziba Artystone - Copywriter

Jakob Engwall - Copywriter

Max Mohlin - Copywriter

The game is meant to bring out a nostalgic feeling in those who used to play dress-up games when they were little, but this time with a new approach. Play as a stylist dressing up different clients in Stockholm. Meet Sven the Raver, Sianca the influencer and Siggy the hipster. Follow their character development, personal life, drama, relationships and get them into the best clubs in Stockholm. Buy and create unique outfits after client requirements and your own style. Reach the club's style points and grow as a business. Open mystery boxes, earn followers and redesign your clothes to create new, unique styles.


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