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Antelligence Escape



FG21ST FutureGames Team 6


In Antelligence Escape your goal is to escape a testing facility that is overrun with bionic animal experiments. At your disposal you have your bionic body, that you upgrade to gain new abilities as you fight your way out.


Per Hallros - Project Owner/Game Design

Chris Karlsson - Level Design

Felipe Fleming - Game Design


Hugo Svedstam - Art Director

Joji Santhosh - Environment Art

Isabelle Hydén - Character & Animation

Antelligence Escape is a survival action/adventure game where you are a hermit crab escaping from a research facility. The game in its entirety was created in four weeks.


You play as a bionic hermit crab that wakes up in a research facility. You are alone, except for the other not so friendly test animals that roam the halls. The crab must fight for its life, to escape and find its way back home to the ocean. Follow along on an action-packed adventure where your survival skills will be tested!


Key features:

Explore the Antelligence lab.

Find your way through the facility, but watch out for the lurking enemies!


Make yourself unstoppable.

Use the crafting system to level up your crab and to make the enemies fear you!


Stylized visuals.
Beautiful stylized environment to enjoy!


The game was created in Unreal Engine by six students from the FutureGames school in Stockholm, Sweden.


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