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Sealhorse Studios


Challenge your creativity and create your own path as you climb the mystical tower with the help of your companion to find your way home!


Frida Björnfo - Lead Graphic Designrt, UI Design, VFX

Erik Börjesson - Character Design, Animation, UI Design

Pontus Canholm - Programming, Level Design

Sabina Hallmén - Producer, Head PR, Narrative Writer

Fabian Larsson - Programming, Level Design

Cédric Le Therisien - Lead Level Designer, Lead QA

Oliver Lincke - Enviroment Artist, Product Owner

Sander Wellmar - Music

Amanda Östman - Audio Design, VFX

Ever wanted to play a game that's a mashup between Kirby: Canvas Curse and Celeste? No? We made it anyway!


Amelite is a 2D platformer that will challenge your creativity. Create your own path and make your own solutions by drawing your own platforms! The power is in your hands!

Find yourself at the bottom of an abandoned and mystical tower, overgrown by dangerous crystals. With the help of a peculiar creature, climb your way to the top, and find your way home.


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