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A Bark in the Dark



Gofika Games


Explore a dark and gloomy world. Use your sword and crossbow to defeat the Vampire Queen’s evil forces and save your best friend.


Pontus Fredriksson - Programmer

Filip Tynell - Programmer

Sandro Müntzing - Programmer

Aron Johansson - Programmer

Jonathan Salling - Programmer


Anton Bång - Art

Gustav Larsson - Art

Amanda Westergren - Art

Kiril Nikolov - Art


Rebecka Karlsson - Animation

Tobias Hart - Animation


Tim Andersson - Level Design

Svante Livén - Level Design

Explore and unlock new weapons that’ll help you defeat the evil forces of this fantasy world. Help Van Aelskling on his journey save his best friend.



- Unlock items that’ll help you progress

- Explore the Overworld and 2 unique dungeons

- A challenging boss fight at the end


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