A Bark in the Dark



Gofika Games


Explore a dark and gloomy world. Use your sword and crossbow to defeat the Vampire Queen’s evil forces and save your best friend.


Explore and unlock new weapons that’ll help you defeat the evil forces of this fantasy world. Help Van Aelskling on his journey save his best friend.



- Unlock items that’ll help you progress

- Explore the Overworld and 2 unique dungeons

- A challenging boss fight at the end

Pontus Fredriksson - Programmer

Filip Tynell - Programmer

Sandro Müntzing - Programmer

Aron Johansson - Programmer

Jonathan Salling - Programmer


Anton Bång - Art

Gustav Larsson - Art

Amanda Westergren - Art

Kiril Nikolov - Art


Rebecka Karlsson - Animation

Tobias Hart - Animation


Tim Andersson - Level Design

Svante Livén - Level Design