Pictures from the 2017 SGA Gala in Visby are now up! Thanks to everyone who participated. Hope you all had a great time! :) If you want any picture removed, please send us a message.

All photos by: Ulf Benjaminsson

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Four industry professionals helped curate your submissions for the Swedish Game Awards 2017. You have met them each individually over the last two weeks - now it’s time to show them all in their glory!

This is our jury after a weekend of playing the SGA´17 games

The judges are..

Jana Palm - Project manager at Stugan
Anton Albiin - Project Manager at Dataspelsbranschen
Andreea Chifu - Business Manager at Paradox
Tau Petersson -CEO of Stunlock
Click on their title to learn more about them.
You can meet most of the jury members along with the finalists of SGA´17 at the Expo + Gala going down at the 3rd of June this Saturday.

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It’s time to introduce our final jury member - Anton Albiin!
Anton grabbed a bachelor’s degree in work and organization 2012 and has since then acted as one of the founders of Diversi and now works as a project manager at Dataspelsbranschen. Diversi is a collaborative force designed to create greater diversity in the games industry, while Dataspelsbranschen is dedicated to collecting, unifying and communicating the game industry’s voice to the media. We can see a pattern here with a strong focus on analysing and improving the state of the industry.

Now he has also lended us his powers to judge the games of SGA 2017. We humbly thank Anton for his help! You can meet Anton along with the finalists for SGA´17 at the SGA´17 Expo + Gala going down on the 3rd of June @ Gotland. 

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It's time to announce another jury member, namely Andreea Chifu! Andreea works as business developer at Paradox Interactive with over 8 years of experience. Here is what she has to say; 

"I have a background in international business and commercial law and joined the games industry 8 years ago. During this time I helped companies like Advanced Mobile Applications and Paradox Interactive with their game releases, sales activities, business development and overall go to market strategy.
My favorite game is Age of Empires

My advice for young studios and developers out there is - When you are struggling and ready to quit, just remember why you started!" 

We humbly thank Andreea for her jury contribution. You can meet Andreea along with the nominees for SGA´17 by attending the expo and gala going down on the 3rd of June . See you there! 
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It's time to introduce yet another jury member of SGA´17 - namely Tau Petersson!

Tau has studied game development at the University of Skövde and was CEO while starting up Stunlock Studios, the creators of Bloodline Champions, Dead Island: Epidemic and Battlerite. Today she works with PR, events and office management at Stunlock Studios. Tau is also a member of the board of the Swedish Games Industry organization, also known as Dataspelsbranchen.

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