VRio Ware

Dive into the show of your life! Watch out for the wrecking balls, build that great wall and join the Matrix for a bit!

In VRio Ware you will enter the shoes of a participant in a stereotypical japanese gameshow. Perform all the tasks brilliantly, and the crowd will go wild. If you fail, be ready to hear the screams of anguish from the eccentric commentator and the discontent booing from the crowd. You might have to perform harakiri to regain the crowd's favour...

Are you ready for the task at hand? Do you have what it takes to take part in the show? Then go grab your nearest VR-kit and enter the contest!

Genre - VR, Simulation: Japanese Gameshow
Platform - Windows


Måns Isaksson - Programming 
Fredrik Boström - Programming 
Axel Johnsson - 3D Art 
Lolo Lin - 3D Art 
Pablo Sorribes Bernhard - Music & SFX