Ropes' Adventure

In Ropes’ Adventure, you explore temples in a wonderful stylized world following in your grandfather's footsteps trying to find the lost monkey treasure. The essence of the game is exploration, fun and freedom.

Ropes' Adventure is a third person single player adventure game for all ages. You explore temples and a wonderful stylised hub-based open world trying to find the monkey treasure and your grandfather who disappeared years ago while trying to find the treasure.

You take the role as Ropes, a young and energetic red panda who is an explorer by heart and craves adventure just like your grandfather. To help you explore and solve puzzles you have your trusty swing rope that you can use to traverse the environment and pull boxes in order to help you find the missing tablet pieces that will unlock the door to your next adventure. While exploring you can also help a turtle mother find her children who are hiding around the temple. Follow in your grandfather's footsteps to find him and the lost monkey treasure in Ropes’ Adventure.

Genre - Adventure Platformer
Platform - Windows

made by
DapperFish Productions

Thomas Clamp - Gameplay Scripter/Game Designer
Jimmy Karlström​​​​​​​ - Game Designer/Scripter
Anders Petersson - Level Designer 
Mattias Persson - Scripter 
Henric Montelius - Environment Art 
Oskar Edlund - Character Art & Env Art 
Richard Brenick - Technical Animator
Rasmus Westlund - Environment Art 
Victor Kallkqvist - Concept/UI Artist