Pick Your Potion

A cosy VR fantasy cooking game, where you make potions of gory magical ingredients to cure magical illnesses for your customers.

Somewhere in a magical land, in a remote forest, there is a witch in a hut. She brews magical potions.

A vampire with sun allergy? An orc with anger management problems? A non glamorous fairy?

Pick Your Potion is a fantasy cooking game in VR, where you chop and grind gory magical ingredients for potion brewing for all the magical creatures in the forest.
You play Pick Your Potion as the witch of the woods, to whom these creatures come to get help for their troubles. Your task is to brew potions that can solve their problems.
When you get an order from a creature, you have to look for the right type of recipe in your bookshelf. Chop, grind, slice and stir. Be accurate and hurry up, your customers don’t want to wait!

Pick Your Potion is a cosy VR cooking game with a lot of heart. And also, cockroaches that needs to be smashed!

Genre - Fantasy horror cooking (VR)
Platform - Windows

made by
Witch Please Studios

Andreas Lindholm - Design 
Victor Frydebo - Design 
Anna-Karin Linder - Design 

My Fransson - 3d artist 
Emelie Samberg - 3d artist 
Sofia Österlund - 3d artist 

Anna Asker - 2d artist 
Marcus Anglestad - 2d artist 
Steven Webb - 2d artist