Lick ,Wiggle, Race!

Lick, wiggle and race to the top with your Imugi and fulfill your destiny to become a dragon first!

Lick, Wiggle, Race! is a two player racing arcade game. The players would be playing as Imugis which are python like creatures from a Korean legend. The goal is to reach to the magical orb at the end of the map first and turn Imugi into a dragon.

The two main aspects of the game are wiggling and the tongue mechanic. To play the game, the player would be using two levers on each side of their hands to control the character. Moving the levers up and down rhythmically would naturally convey the wiggling of the Imugi to the player. Eventually making the player feel like the game character. Also there are buttons on the levers for the tongue mechanic. When pressing the button, the player can use the tongue of the Imugi to do additional movement in the game such as dragging down the opponent.

Genre - Arcade racing
Platform - Windows

Asymmetric Folding

Jeehyun Lee - Project manager 

Nikola Kubasova - Lead art 

Chantal Blokker - Lead sound, graphic artist 

Tove Redaelli - Graphic artist 

Kyle Alley - Lead Tech, coder 

Daniel Ahlberg - Lead game designer 

Patrik Selleby - Lead coder