The cult of Khalag have burnt your city to the ground, and now this Avian cult spreads to the neighbouring villages. All is not lost however. A lesser being of Khalag has struck you a bargain. allow him to be your left arm so so you can be his, and ascend Khalag's pantheon. Will you be able to stop the infested villages from ending up like yours?

Dark Souls meets Diablo. This game aims to be hard but fair. Your foes will not show pity or hold their punches. You play as Vyria, a townsgirl who is out for vengeance and retribution. Equipped with a trusty sword in one hand, and a demon symbiote in the other you will fight against Overwhelming odds.

Genre - Action RPG
Platform - Windows

Birds & Bricks Games

Axel Tiderman - Game Design and scripting 

Ludvig Degerfelt - Character Art and Animation

Tim Lindholm - Environment Art

Daniel Martinger - Character Art and Animation 

Gustav Skans - Level Design