End Time

End Time is an atmospheric First Person Puzzle Plattformer where the player manipulates the flow of time to solve mind bending puzzles.

Slow-Down, Pause and even Reverse the flow of time to get through 14 levels of increasing difficulty, all while trying to uncover the mysterious story to who you are and what you are doing there.

After you've finished the game you get a score depending on your time, you can then play versus your previous time to see how well you've improved. Challenge your friends on who can get the best time!

This game was Designed and Developed by me for my Bachelor Thesis at Södertörns Högskola where i wrote about tutorials in video games. It was developed over the course of 3 months in Unreal Engine 4.
Credits go to Siddharta Barnhoom for letting me use the Antichamber soundtrack for the game.

Genre - First Person Puzzle Plattformer
Platform - Windows


Alexander Flodén - Designer, Programmer