About the swedish game awards

The Swedish Game Awards is Sweden's largest video game development competition for students.  It has been held annually since 2002 and is organized by the student-driven, non-profit entrepreneurship association at the Royal Institute of Technology, Excitera. Our competition is exclusively for students and is organized by a rotating group of volounteers each year. 

Our audience is primarily students studying game development and software engineering. The overarching goal of the Swedish Game Awards is to decrease the gap between the game industry and academia - allowing students to more easily connect with the industry, network, and join in. 

Economically SGA is driven entirely by donations and partnerships with various Nordic game development and software studios. 

Swedish Game Awards 2017 project group

The project group introduces themselves in this blogpost!

contact us

Jimmy Broman
Project Manager


Regina Rova
Event Manager

076-806 87 54

Sebastian Larsson
Public Relations


Evelina Foxberg
Assistant Project manager

076-347 75 17

Louise Buller
Head of Economics


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